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At times a tree gets to a stage where pruning and trimming it really are no longer adequate and it no longer fits in with your landscaping or it eventually becomes crucial to have it removed before it causes untold damages to your property or hurts someone. A number of the primary reasons for tree removal are:

  • The foliage of the tree has lost its aesthetic appeal as a result of disorders, or bugs damaging its limbs and leaves.
  • Branches, limbs and leaves have become too close to your buildings and are now obstructing the sunshine from coming into your home or office, and leading to damp build up on the wall surfaces and roof due to obstructing the sun’s heat from them.
  • The tree has been bashed by a storm and received some structural damages. The tree may now cause damages to your property or hurt or injure someone duee to falling branches or it could totally tip over, causing much more considerable damages.
  • You are wanting to modify the landscaped outlook of your home and the mature tree does not fit in with the design of your new look garden.
  • The tree’s roots are starting to present a risk to your property’s substructure or to the below ground sewer pipes.

Chopping down The Tree Yourself

Some times people who own a tree which they would like getting rid of give it a try to chop down the tree on their own or they choose unqualified tree contractors. Tree clearing is a complex and potentially dangerous job and a lot more than just cutting a V in to the trees trunk in the direction that you would like the tree to collapse. Amongst many other details an arborist will consider the weight distribution and shape of the tree. With a quite open area, it could be as easy as a straight fall, however plenty of the time chopping down a tree can require taking down the tree in segments and utilising ropes or a crane to take down the pieces to the ground safely as they are chopped. It should only be carried out by fully qualified tree surgeons Oldham. Several other reasons why you must only employ certified tree surgeons include:

  • If the roots aren’t removed the right way then the tree can regrow again.
  • Old tree stumps which have not been taken out appropriately are not just an eye sore they are additionally actually hazardous.
  • Our tree surgeons are trained in how to use the latest equipment to assist them scale and get access to complicated areas.
  • Utilising the wrong tools or procedures while dismantling a tree could result in unimaginable damages to your property or even seriously hurt someone.

When you own a tree which cannot be saved, it has come to be afflicted or unhealthy, or it just does not go with your plans for your garden then we offer extremely affordable prices for our tree removal in Oldham. Our crew are all completely certified to CSCS, (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) and NPTC (National Proficiency Test Council) plus always comply fully with RIDDOR, COSH, LOLER and PUWER regulations. They are also equipped to efficiently and carefully remove trees of any dimensions. From your initial connection all the way through to the finishing clean up, you are able to rely upon us to provide you with the highest level of customer service in Oldham 

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